BloomBux Rewards

Three easy ways to earn BloomBux Rewards on every purchase!

1. Earn 5 points for every dollar spent 

2. Earn 500 points for you and every referral that tells us about your recommendation

3. Extra points for special promotions throughout the year, please follow our Facebook page for the latest updates


Simply save up your BloomBux Rewards and redeem them on a future order! Can it get any easier than that?

*BloomBux Rewards are redeemable for full purchase price only including taxes

*Bonus referral points valid for new client referrals only

*Minimum 5000 BloomBux Rewards needed for redemption

*BloomBux Rewards are redeemable via phone or in person orders only currently. If you would like your current balance please give us a call at 204-726-0382

*The BloomBox reserves the right to alter the BloomBux Rewards program at any time including but not limited to; blackout dates, points earned ratio, bonus offerings, referral bonuses, special promotions

*No cash value

*Have a comment or suggestion for us to improve BloomBux? We'd love to hear it. Please contact us at 204-726-0382