Going Green!

Going Green!

Maybe not our usual pretty flower pics but these have a beauty all their own. At our old location we were cramped for space, tripping over each other in the work shop and parking was tight. Our lack of space limited how we could deal with our waste and was always a sore point. What a difference our move and a little extra room to deal with our cuttings has made to the amount of garbage our little shop puts out. Whereas before we would fill one of these large garbage bins with trash once every two weeks plus another with just cardboard, now our total garbage is down to one bag about once a week. Our cardboard is recycled or goes to Smiley Worms along with all of the trimmings and waste from our flower creations. They in turn take our green waste to make mulch and compost that's sold to local consumers for use in gardens and flower beds. This move has allowed us to improve literally every step in our business from raw flower processing, creation and delivery, all the way through to the amount of waste we produce. The best part is we can all feel a little better about the product we create from start to finish!


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