Always Evolving

Always Evolving

The past couple of years we’ve been working hard to implement some changes that have been in the works for a very long time. Going all the way back to 2016 (or somewhere in there!) this all started with a brief conversation with Bernie of the Green Spot and the seed of an idea; what if we were to work together? You see, Trish and I had been considering options for moving our little shop. It had become painfully obvious in the past few years that we had grown all we could in our current location. Business on an average non-floral holiday still had room to grow, but those days were quickly becoming the exception rather than the norm since our event florals had taken off which filled most of the summer months. In general we found ourselves tripping over each other and the shop was often bursting at the seams with the materials needed for either holidays or events. Without some kind of major change it was going to be extremely difficult to grow any further.

Opportunity found us. Bernie was expanding the Green Spot in the next few years and our brief conversation began to evolve from what ifs to when. The idea grew into something truly inspiring once Chez Angela’s joined us with plans to open a satellite location as well. We all had a goal to work towards now and a unique partnership of independent businesses working together for mutual benefit. The fruits of those labors can be visited today at our current location, we are all truly proud of what the result has been so far.

What you might not know in between forming that idea and opening the doors to the new building is some of the other plans that developed as a result. There was our mini renovation at our old shop, not planned I might add but the result of our 30 year old cooler deciding to pack it in. Through careful planning we worked that all into the bigger picture, essentially speeding up some of our planned changes with the only real addition being some extra good old hard work.

Other changes we planned would take time to implement. One of those changes is we wanted to have a reliable way to reward our clients for their loyalty. As consumers ourselves we loved it when a business showed their appreciation to us, and we wanted to have some way to give back in the same way to our clients. Our new POS has finally allowed us to do so, and late November we introduced BloomBux Rewards which will allow you, our client, to get rewarded as a thank you for shopping with us. Simply put, as a client you get 2 points for every dollar spent with us which can then be redeemed on future purchases. Full details can be found right HERE on our web page if you want to learn more about BloomBux Rewards.

There are still more changes on the horizon, so check back often to find out what’s next!

Shaun Fjeldsted

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